Friday, 30 April 2010

Overhanging trees in The Weal

Following recent doorstep conversations in The Weal some residents expressed concern about the trees overhanging the road, pavement and in some cases front gardens.
In the autumn gales some of these branches will fall and the consequences may be serious.

I shall be lobbying the Council to deal with this issue and remove branches which they consider dangerous or potentially dangerous.

As far as I know the trees are not Council property but the Council does have a duty of care towards persons and property using The Weal which is a public road.

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Now we know what the Conservatives are up to in Eastfield Avenue – nothing

I have had a reply to my letter to Charles Gerrish (Conservative Cabinet Member for Customer Services) querying the inclusion of a statement in the Conservative newsletter that “A one-way system on Eastfield Avenue is being explored” (See my blog dated 20th March).

According to his latest letter, the Council “…..did not suggest that a one-way system had been indefinitely ruled out or that the Council was closed to the possibility….”
This is the oldest trick in the book – never say never, that way the Council can get away without doing anything but still pretend that they are exploring / considering / evaluating / thinking / investigating / etc, any particular subject.

In other words, the answer to the three possibilities a), b), or c) raised in my blog is:
c) Conservatives are being economical with the truth in their newsletter and have absolutely no intention of exploring the one-way system. They just want to sound as though they are doing something.

Pot holes in Lucklands Road

The Council is working it's way through the backlog of road repairs in Bath but I have now asked the Council to raise the priority of the work involved in repairing pot holes at the lower end of Lucklands Road, Weston.

This road has some of the worst examples of pot holes that I have seen in residential streets anywhere in the country. In fact, the whole of the surface at this end of the road is in a very poor state and needs urgent action now before it resembles a road from a third world country.

Sections of the road have been sprayed so presumably there is a plan to repair the road in due course but it is the priority which I am asking the Council to consider more closely.

I'm surprised that Weston's Conservative Councillors do not seem to have the clout to get this work prioritised.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Election well under way

The General Election is now well under way with Lib Dems out in force across all wards in Bath talking to residents on the doorstep, listening to their views and putting forward our Lib Dem proposals.
We have been out canvassing in Weston and will continue talking with residents right up to election day.

If you are able to help in any way - delivering leaflets, helping out at the Lib Dem office - you can contact me at or contact the Lib Dem office at or telephone 01225 316316.

You can read or download the Lib Dem manifesto at

You can find out more about the election in Bath by visiting the Council's website or telephone 01225 477333.

If you are eligible to vote but have not yet registered, you have until Tuesday 20th April to do so. Details on the Council's website.

You can also apply for a postal or proxy vote - the deadline is also Tuesday 20th April.

If you would like to help the Lib Dem effort by putting up a window poster or by having a stakeboard in your front garden, please let me know -, or telephone 01225 426149 or 07521 363046